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vamp-girl-vs-frank-girl-posterCrazy gore. Beautiful, doe-eyed Japanese girls. Interesting customs. Ridiculous action. A clueless boy. These are the elements that make up Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, the most recent film from gore-masters Yoshihiro Nishimura and Naoyuki Tomomatsu. With brilliant comedy, great action and the occasional social commentary, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl is a must-see for the gore, vampire and all around horror fan.

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl has only the very thinnest of plots, since its primary goal is to provide the viewer with visual sensation and social commentary. It creates a brilliant love triangle in the style of the average Japanese romantic comedy all the while poking fun at two subversive Japanese groups. Monami is a vampire. She has transferred in to her latest school and has focused on one boy, Mizushima. She has fallen in love with him and decided that he should become a vampire in order to be with her… whether he wants to or not. Complicating this love story is Keiko the vice-principal’s daughter. She is Mizushima’s official girlfriend but only because he’s the only suitable boy in her grade and he adds to her status, not because she has any sort of genuine feelings for him. While Keiko doesn’t know that Monami is a vampire, Monami doesn’t know that Keiko’s father is actually a mad scientist who has been trying to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Frankenstein by cutting up students, putting them back together and attempting to animate them, with little success. Aided by the oversexed school nurse when she finds a droplet of Monami’s blood, Keiko’s father has the ingredient he needs to make his macabre creations come to life. When Keiko is hurt in an argument after discovering that Monami and Mizushima are now a couple (and vampires) Keiko’s father puts his reanimation to the test and creates something… new from her.

After seeing Tokyo Gore Police and being completely baffled by it (and pretty grossed out by the girl with the alligator vagina) I was very concerned about seeing this film. I was only convinced when I discovered that it was actually the directors’ lampoon of the average Japanese romantic comedy. As well they spoofed a group of Japanese girls who believe they are African-American and do everything they can to emulate them, all the while poking fun at a subversive group of girls who cut their wrists for “fun”. Laughing the whole way through and enjoying the experience thoroughly I can say without hesitation that this was the most fun I’ve had in a movie theatre all year.

Not for the faint of heart and despite it’s sappy overtones, it certainly packs a punch on the gore front. Not nearly on the same level as Tokyo Gore Police the bucket of blood that are poured over the actors, sets and cameras actually adds to the light-heartedness of the film – even though that seems impossible.

If you’re a gore fan I strongly recommend this movie, where I wasn’t able to recommend Tokyo Gore Police . It’s fun, it’s sweet, and it’s got great action that will both make your jaw drop and laugh at the same time.

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