This Friday, March 26th, the new Canadian documentary, The Coca-Cola Case , will open at The Royal. The controversial film, a co-production of Argus Films and the National Film Board, follows a groundbreaking US court case against the beverage giant, exploring their alleged involvement in the murder and kidnapping of Colombian union members. The film has been screened around Canada and abroad for the last few months, and has now made its way to Toronto for a week-long run (until April 1st).

‘Since 2002, more than 470 workers’ leaders have been brutally killed, usually by paramilitaries hired by private companies intent on crushing the unions.’ When you read the statistics, they’re startling. Perhaps more so when you find out that Coke is one of those private companies.

Directors German Gutierrez and Carmen Garcia spent three years researching and making this film, and the public is finally able to see it, though not without a fight, apparently. Coke has been trying to halt exhibition of the film, sending the NFB and Cinema Politica letters citing ‘confidentiality issues’. Quebec reviewer, Meg Hewings, has written a detailed and interesting article on the film outlining some of the controversy.

The directors will be in attendance at the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday screenings. The Coca-Cola Case will run every day from Friday, March 26th to Thursday, April 1st at various times. Please check the Royal Cinema (608 College St) website for details. You can find more information about and watch trailers for the film here.

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