Torontonian Julian Pinder’s new documentary, Land , opens this Friday, June 4th at the Royal Cinema. As an extra treat, Pinder himself will be in attendance at all the screenings during opening night.

In 2006, real estate developers landed on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua and heralded it as the new Cancun. Hotels, resorts, and gated communities began to spring up, making use of cheap local labour. Then, former revolutionaries sweep back into power, and many see this land grab as yet another form of imperialism. Basically, all hell breaks loose, and it turns the Central American coastline into the Wild West. As the tagline says, “Next time you pack your sunscreen, bring your gun”

The opening night screening of Land is this Friday, June 4th, and it runs until the 10th. Check out the Royal Cinema website to view the trailer and see all the showtimes.

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