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Laughter Without Borders is the international comedy shorts program from the Worldwide Short Film Festival, on from June 1-6. The comedy shorts program was 90 minutes and 10 shorts long, but certainly wasn’t short on laughs or pokes at simply being human.

Customer Support – Norway – 5 Minutes

A woman calls customer support when she is unable to use the door to exit her apartment. Yes, really. This is a short-short on the ridiculousness of customer support, its purpose and what people use it for in today’s society. Not only worth seeing, but also worth understanding. Don’t ever call customer support from something stupid again.

Dinner Date – Canada – 4 Minutes

Probably my favorite short of the program, this is the female and male sides of two dates. While on the one date the woman had a horrible time and the man a spectacular one, the other date is filled with goods and bads on both sides, leading to a complete misunderstanding of the situation. A horrifyingly realistic take on the way in which men and women interpret situations. Basically a must see if you’re alive.

Instead of Abracadabara (Istället för Abrakadabra) – Sweden – 22 Minutes

Thomas is a lost man who lives with his parents and wants nothing more than to be a magician and to go out with the girl next door. It is important to note that Thomas is at least 27 years-old. Awkwardly attempting to make a go of being both a man and an entertainer, this short is filled with moments that will make you cringe. The film takes its time telling the story, but it has such a feel-good payoff that you can’t fault it for giving the story the time it deserved.

Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln and Drunk History: Tesla & Edison – USA – 6 Minutes

These two shorts were included both in this program and Celebrity Shorts. Check out our review.

Homeland Security – Canada – 8 Minutes

Phil is a border guard, manning the border between Canada and the US. He has a lot of responsibility and also a lot of power. And since he believes that his very hot wife is cheating on him, he decides to take it out on a group of women heading to New York for a bachelorette party. Can something good come out of this after all? You’ll have to check out the short to find out, but this is definitely a film that’s worth your time.

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No – USA – 5 Minutes

For those of you not familiar (and I was not) Dock Ellis was a baseball player made famous for his claim that he once threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while under the influence of LSD. To be honest, this short threw me for such a loop (no puns intended there) that I had to Google the guy. So basically, this short is ‘inspired by a true story’. There seems to be some debate about whether or not Ellis actually did throw the game while high, but there is no debate that this short is the most like actually being under the influence of something that I’ve been in a long time – without actual pharmaceutical assistance. Funny, interesting and always moving, this colourful short is definitely a good watch. But be sure to reality check yourself a few times; the crazy is a little bit catching.

SEX! with Hot Robots – Canada – 11 Minutes

In a short I’m proud to say is Canadian, we leap ahead 30 years to a time when robots have taken over. The funny part? They all started out as very elaborate (and anatomically accurate) sex robots. Sold under the guise of being ‘maids’ the female models were first to hit the market. Followed shortly by a male model, society quickly descends into chaos as we pleasure ourselves. But what will happen when they find each other? Very funny – and a little too on the money – this short will make you laugh at both it and yourself.

False Start – Canada – 7 Minutes

A man is trying to break up with his wife, but he can’t seem to find the right way to do it. The good news is he has a hand-held time machine that allows him to take him time and do it over and over again until he gets it right. An interesting short with a twist, I found it a little on the serious side for a comedy lineup. It’s possible that I connected more with the emotions in this film than the comedy, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a poignant part of the program.

Seeds of the Fall (Slitage) – Sweden – 18 Minutes

This short was a part of the WSFF Gala Opening Night program, Award Winners from Around the World. Check out our review.