After premiering the new Classics from the Vault series last month with a screening of the original Scarface , the Fox Theatre continues the fun this Tuesday, August 24th with Top Hat (1935). If you don’t know who Fred & Ginger are, then this is the best film to see to acquaint yourselves with the dancing duo. Top Hat ‘s screenplay was written especially for them, it features the music of Irving Berlin, some of Ginger’s fashion ensembles are completely crazy (I remember an ostrich feather jacket that kept losing wee bits as she danced), and the dancing is absolutely fantastic!

Fred Astaire, a dancing star who had an early career in Vaudeville partnering his sister Adele, always struck me as an unlikely dancing star. Until you see him dance, that is. He doesn’t have the athleticism of many dancers (like Gene Kelly for example) and yet, Astaire seems to glide on air. The dance number he does in this film, in his top hat and tails, is the epitome of Astaire class. His partnership with Ginger Rogers was inspired pairing – she wasn’t quite as good a dancer as he was, but she brought more humour and a down-to-earth quality that made Astaire more accessible. The pair made 10 films together, six of them being among the most profitable films RKO studios ever made.

So, come on out and enjoy some great songs, great dancing, and a light comedic romance. The film will be preceded by some shorts from the 1930s, just to get you in the mood. Fox Theatre members, kids and seniors only pay $7, and for everyone else it’s $10. Can’t wait to see what old classic they’ve got in store for us next month!

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