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This youth presentation is a selection of animation and adventure films that offer a diverse range of techniques and compelling storytelling.

Lost Places follows a young woman in search of a home and the bird that will help her find her way.

A Long-Distance Call mixes life-like animation with real photographs in this short about a young artist on vacation in rural China. The breathtaking scenery and soundscape of the village totally immerses you into the story.

Nature On Its Course demonstrates that when you take too much, Mother Nature will fight back! This short uses simple elements like a crumpled piece of paper to represent snow.

Warm Winter is a moving piece about a mother trying to say goodbye to her son.

Director, Jonathan Ng has two shorts in the program.   Just Another Floor Kids Battle spins the concept of who is able to battle in the break dancing community. The Alpha Beta Complex is home to where conservative fonts battle with neighbouring graffiti letters.

Zero uses brush stroke animation and ink drawings to depict a duel between enemies.

Junko’s Shamisen is filmed using comic book style animation with live actors.  The story is about a young Japanese girl who must avenge her grandfather’s death. Her journey with her fox companion is a compelling highpoint in the program.

In Tea Master , an old man must learn how to fight off a samurai using the only thing he is good at – his mastery of the tea ceremony.

“Drawing on the Art of Hand and Foot” will screen at the National Film Board (NFB) on Friday, November 12th at 1 p.m.