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Ona is a dialogue-less short film about desire. Following two people alone on a floating dock, they are lying and relaxing on the surface, but underneath they are pining for each other deeply. While it appears on the surface to be a short largely dedicated to beautiful shots of water, landscape, and the human body, it is really a study in desire. Masterfully capturing the way the mind visualizes it shows the internal world of both these people as they fumble towards intimacy. It is a stunningly beautiful short film that should really be seen by everyone (although, caution, there’s some adult content — which is always dealt with better by Latin filmmakers, don’t you think? Much less puritanical….)

Sadly, I can’t seem to find any visuals for this film on the web, so you’ll just have to head out to aluCine and catch it this weekend yourself. Check their website for screening times and more fantastic programming.