Reel Flicks, a documentary film project for youth, showcases five original, creative films in two premier events this July. Brought to you by Social Housing Services Corporation, with the National Film Board, Toronto Community Housing Corporation, and Pathways to Education, Reel Flicks is a 12-week program geared towards young people in Social Housing communities. It encourages participants to bring their community to light in a positive way by drawing on their creative resources and documenting their experiences.

All 13 participants in this 2011 project are from the Lawrence Heights community, thus the documentaries revolve around Lawrence Heights, with a focused theme on gang and gun violence. After just 12 weeks, a total of five films are ready for their world debut. The project wraps with a premiere screening of the docs at the NFB Mediatheque on Thursday, July 7 from 6:00-8:00 pm. There will be a short reception prior to the screenings at 6:00, complete with project photos, video interviews with the filmmakers, and possible outtakes. From 6:45, each film will be screened and followed up with a Q&A with the team of creators.

As this project focuses on Lawrence Heights, it’s only appropriate to have a premiere there as well. Friday, July 8 from 6:00-8:00 pm an Outdoor BBQ and screening takes place in the Lawrence Heights community. Each film screened will again be followed up with a Q&A period with the filmmakers. And did I mention the BBQ part? Why don’t people combine burgers and premiers more often? It’s genius, I say!

So on July 7 and/or 8, take some time to show your support for these budding filmmakers and Reel Flicks, a unique and very special project. Check out the Reel Flicks Facebook page for more information, and the YouTube page for a sneak peek at interviews with participants T.C. and Hassan.