Our esteemed writers have been good enough to explore and ruminate upon the depths of TIFF Bell Lightbox programming recently: check out Bennett O’Brian’s take on the “Attack the Bloc: Cold War Science Fiction from Behind the Iron Curtain” series, which continues this week. And, not to be outdone, our own Harry Cepka highly recommends that you explore the on-going series on the films of French mid-century auteur Robert Bresson. This week, the Bresson offerings include Les dames du bois de Boulogne and the tale of the world’s most remarkably sad and impassioned donkey, Au hasard Balthazar .

In unrelated musings, have you asked yourself lately if your life is lacking in sing-a-longs? The answer is yes. Guess what? You can belt it out to Grease three times this week. And if that dosage of cheesy, cult-classic cinema isn’t enough for you, you may be pleased to know that the retrospective on the films of dynamic and much-loved actor Nicolas Cage continues this week with Raising Arizona . Our own Katarina Gligorijevic doles out her two cents here.

Perhaps you prefer the restrained artfulness of Bresson, and aren’t too impressed with Nic Cage’s hysterical antics. Then check out the on-going series on the films of American auteur Nicholas Ray, which, this week, features his little-known 1955 Western Run For Cover .

Plenty to see at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, as usual. Visit the site for detailed info on screening dates, times, ticket prices, and memberships.

Original artwork by Bennett O’Brian.