As you may have gathered from the title, oh savvy reader you, Pleasure Dome is bringing its 2012 winter series to an end this Saturday (which you already know is March 31, because you’re very intelligent and wonderful).    

Its final presentation of the season, Imminent Space, is an evening to explore locality – or rather, how one can connect to a space physically and metaphysically. With society’s growing fascination and paranoia regarding its own end (specifically this very year being the catalyst for such thought), the shorts featured look at how we realize the true state of a moment through questions of gender, environment, and corporeality.

Plane of Immanence (pictured), which contrasts the locality of the gutted interior of Maple Leaf Gardens with the constructed nudity of featured performer Nina Arsenault, is one of the featured shorts that internalizes such questions of the physical metaphysical using space as the allegory. Also featured is the winner of Letters from the Sky’s Green Consciousness Award, Cooling Reactors , an interventionist piece in which five performers lay dead on a Lake Ontario beach from the pollution of three nuclear power generators, while passersby seem oblivious.

You should attend Imminent Space: Pleasure Dome’s New Works 2012. How/where/when/cost? All good, very quick questions! You can view it at Tallulah’s Cabaret,  Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street on March 31 at 8:00 pm for $8!