NFB Mediatheque will be holding an animation workshop for adults on Sunday, April 29. Their Animation for Adults Workshop: About the Beat explores the elements of music and how they can be used to tell a story.

Participants will be divided into groups where they will select a piece of music to draw inspiration from. Next the group will work as a team to storyboard the idea based upon the selected piece of music, and participants will be instructed in direction and blocking. In the second half of this workshop, pixilation animation (a type of stop-motion animation involving live actors and/or objects) will be edited according to a chosen soundtrack. The workshop’s primary aim is to encourage participants to think outside of the box in the vein of world-renowned visionary NFB filmmaker, Norman McLaren.

Participants are encouraged to view the NFB playlist of McLaren’s films to get a better sense of the creative possibilities of the workshop. Music, particularly instrumental, was integral to McLaren’s work and a great example of this is his Oscar-winning short film Neighbours .

The workshop is being held on Sunday, April 29 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The fee is a steal at just $12. To register call 416-973-3012 or for more information please visit the NFB Mediatheque website.