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Bootleg Film Festival makes North American debut

This year marks the first time that the Bootleg Film Festival, founded in Scotland, will be held in North America. Running from May 10 to 12, this festival will feature an amazing lineup of officially selected national and international short and feature length films from the underground. It will conclude with a special evening of programming that includes comedy, music and an awards ceremony. With a “pay what you can” entrance fee, filmgoers will have the opportunity to view as many films as they like throughout the three days.

Selected from over 300 submissions, the 2012 festival will present 58 films that showcase the best of today’s raw filmmaking talent, including the opening night featured film, One Skinny Bitch . The film tackles topics as diverse as failing miserably to quit smoking, successfully losing weight, beating cancer, and life as a gay married father in small town B.C.

So, make your way down to the Bootleg Film Festival and welcome it to the neighbourhood!

Screenings take place at Tranzac Club, and you can get a look at the schedule at the Bootleg Festival website. For more information and the full festival schedule, click here.

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