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Who would have thought that a film that relies so heavily on frat boy humour (as many chick flicks released in the post- Bridesmaids world seem wont to do) would end up being a delightfully honest exploration of close female friendship?

For A Good Time, Call stars Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller (also the film’s co-writer) as two women who became mortal enemies in college only to be brought together as roommates later in life. Katie (Graynor) is a brassy party girl who’s lived in her deceased Grandmother’s rent-controlled New York apartment since graduating while Lauren (Miller) has been cohabitating with her longtime boyfriend for years. When Katie’s apartment turns condo and she can no longer afford the rent, Lauren, having just been unceremoniously dumped, agrees to move in. Things start out predictably rocky but when Lauren gets fired and then discovers that Katie is running a phone sex line out of their apartment, the two women band together to build the business and become closer as their success grows.

The film, while paint-by-numbers in the way that the plot unfolds, stays true to its clear mandate to show how discovering a friend who truly “gets” you can carry all the thrills of falling in love. It’s a neat twist on the traditional romantic comedy and offers a non-touchy feely way to look at the way that women relate to one another.

What’s more, it’s often laugh-out-loud funny, with several surprising cameos from famous faces posing as 1-800-mmm-hmmm customers. Director Jamie Travis smartly keeps the pacing at lightning-quick speed and between the constant raunchy one-liners and the subversive genre twists, you’ll find yourself charmed even when the story takes a tiny and ill-advised diversion into the melodramatic.

All in all, For A Good Time, Call is just what its characters are advertising: a good time with no strings attached.



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  1. I left the theater so happy after this movie. I'm recommending it to all of my friends for a good weekend watch. And dare I say it, but Ari Graynor might just be a little Bette Midler? I love her!

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