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Twin sisters Sofie and Daan were born and raised in the Netherlands by their gay fathers. One day they receive a call from the United States saying that their biological mother has been injured. It seems that Sofie and Daan are they only people who might be willing to come and get their mother (or their “womb” as Sofie is fond of calling her), who needs to make the 500 mile trip to a rehabilitation centre. Arriving in the States, they find an almost feral woman, Jackie, who certainly doesn’t make their journey any easier. Together the three women cross the country and build relationships to last a lifetime.

Jackie has a lot of problems, but from a purely chick flick perspective, it’s a great movie. I may be in the minority here, but I felt character progressions happened naturally, and relationship changes didn’t feel forced. The ultimate resolution was predictable but satisfying, especially when compared to most “female relationship” movies.

Real life siblings Jelka and Carice van Houten are clearly very talented women who bring strength and charisma to their roles. Holly Hunter plays the almost feral Jackie, who is essentially a McGuffin for the story arc of the sisters. In the hands of less capable actresses, this wouldn’t have worked at all.

Jackie is a fun film about female family relationships (especially those we have with our mothers) that is specifically designed for you to not think to hard about. And if you don’t, you’ll have a great time.

Is Jackie Essential TIFF Viewing?

It seems unlikely that Jackie will get a theatrical release, despite Hunter’s star power, which makes this essential TIFF viewing for sure. Take your sister. Or better yet, your mum.

Jackie Screening Times

  • Saturday, September 8 at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 7 at 3:15 PM,
  • Monday, September 10 at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 6 at 9:00 PM, and
  • Saturday, September 15 at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 7 at 12:00 PM

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