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Janeane from Des Moines follows housewife and “regular” American Christian as she searches for the perfect Republican candidate to vote for in the upcoming 2012 election. Janeane’s faith, beliefs and politics are tested as she goes through a series of life trials, increasingly turning to the candidates she is vetting for assistance.

I must admit that this film is pretty in your face with its messages about the extremes of American Republican Christian politics. But extreme is exactly what Jeanane from Des Moines is all about. This film makes Michael Moore look subtle, and that’s pretty much what America needs right now.

Jane Edith Wilson does an excellent job of being a perfectly likable woman, whose inability to hold back her political and religious views is off-putting, and yet her completely hapless, unwitting affect endears you to her, while never allowing you to pity her.

The subtle and unintentional commentary in this film comes the way the candidates respond to Janeane. The attention she receives from the candidates is certainly due to the camera crew following her around, which lays bare their wholly transparent motives with her. It’s a very telling, and slightly disturbing look at American politicians, or really, politicians in general.

Is Janeane from Des Moines Essential TIFF Viewing?

This film is not for everyone, and its construction is likely to make Canadian viewers quite angry. If you’re willing to look at it from its intended perspective (to show the Christian right what they actually look like), then yes, this is absolutely essential TIFF viewing.

Janeane from Des Moines Screening Times

  • Friday, September 7 at 6:15 PM at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 2,
  • Sunday, September 9 at 6:15 PM at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 2, and
  • Friday, September 14 at 6:45 PM at TIFF Bell Lightbox 1

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