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Last year marked the first “Talent to Watch” panel, and this year’s second run at it was packed with incredible Canadian talent that you should definitely watch — both figuratively and literally. The panel, entitled Class of 2012: Canadian Directors to Watch, included five very talented people that include:

  • Kazik Radwanski, director of Tower ,
  • Kate Melville, director of Picture Day ,
  • Brandon Cronenberg, director of Antiviral ,
  • Jason Buxton, director of Blackbird , and
  • Igor Drljaca, director of Krivina .

The panel was moderated by Katherine Monk (National Movie Critic, Postmedia news ) topics of discussion ranged from what each director had to overcome to make their film to the funding landscape.

Here is a look at the final question of the afternoon, what it means to be a director in Canada and how their nationality impacts their filmmaking.