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Richard is the quintessential college good guy: captain of the rugby team, leader of his social circle, stand-up guy, always willing to go the extra mile for a friend or team mate, good student. Richard clearly has a very bright future. When a summer romance with a beautiful girl begins to awaken Richard’s jealous nature, he lashes out in a single, impulsive, violent act that changes the direction of his life forever.

It should be noted that this film is excellent, but because it is excellent, I actually wanted more. Richard’s character is revealed slowly throughout the process of dealing with the fallout of his crime and the tension of potential discovery. Since Richard is, on the outside, such a wonderful, normal guy, seeing him for who he truly is makes for genuinely disturbing viewing. Without revealing specific details of the plot or ending, it’s safe to say that the viewer is left to wonder what will come next for Richard. Will the more selfish and controlling elements of his personality continue to lay low and surprise those closest to him? Or will he have the internal fortitude to face them head on and make fundamental changes?

The fact that I am asking these questions should show you the strength of this film. Lead actor Jack Reynor portrays all of Richard’s many sides with near perfection. He is the heart of this film, and his attention to the details of human personality create a character that feels so real, you’re certain Richard is an old friend. While the rest of the young supporting cast is also excellent, it is Lars Mikkelsen who stands out as Richard’s father. His performance is heartbreaking as a father struggling to come to terms with finding out who his son truly is.

Is What Richard Did Essential TIFF Viewing?

To be honest, despite the strength of this film and its star-making performances, I can’t say with certainty it will get a theatrical release, even in Toronto. That means you should run, not walk, to the remaining screenings of this film.

What Richard Did Screening Times

  • ¬†Tuesday, September 11 at Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 8 at 5:45 PM, and
  • Saturday, September 15 at Scotiabank 3 at 9:30 AM

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