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Short Cuts Canada Programme #5 centers around the evergreen theme of family, from broken bonds to second chances to examinations of the almost familial relationship between humans and their  environments.

The Tape from  Matt Austin Sadowski shows us a man digging out a VHS tape from his attic and confronting a very modern problem – how to play it. With its pastiche of recognizable locales including Honest Ed’s, it’s refreshing to see Toronto play itself in a film. The Genius from Quintino from  Johnny Ma is  poignant  look at a mechanically gifted but memory challenged man facing up to the foggier parts of his past and admitting he might actually have a son. I’m Beginning to Miss You from  Sakay Ottawa turns the standard “Have you seen this man?” poster on it’s head. Ottawa pieces together clues and questions about his brother’s  disappearance, all against an icy backdrop that mirrors an icy sense of inexplicable loss.  Carla Susanto’s L’Aubade   is a mysterious little collage of 18th century drawings set against a man’s dying ruminations. In Barefoot ,  Danis Goulet examines a cultural milieu where a young teenager may feel more pressure to have a baby than to not have one, and the challenges that reality can pose in the face of those pressures. Old Growth from  Tess Girard is a lyrical, visual documentary of a man’s  struggle’s  with his  environment  and the push and pull between the natural world and one’s own survival.

The real stand out in this programme is Let the Daylight into the Swamp from  Jeffrey St. Jules. Using his own family skeletons, he uses a witty format of animation, stock footage, and new footage to examine the circumstances – and consequences – of parents who give up their children. Presented in 3-D, this blend of fictional footage and his own few family photos the film is a compelling, funny, and ultimately moving examination of family skeletons.

Is   Short Cuts Canada: Programme #5  Essential TIFF Viewing?

Absolutely. Short films are often freer and more experimental than feature films, and the shorts in Short Cuts Canada Programme #5 are no exception. These 7 films are some truly moving snapshots of Canadian family life.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #5 Screening Times

  • Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 6:00pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox
  • Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 2:00 pm at  TIFF Bell Lightbox

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The Tape

The Genius from Quintino


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