Hot off the presses… the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema has secured a liquor license. This shall also be known as “The Best News Ever.”

The whole serving booze thing has been in the works since The Bloor transformed itself into the Bloor Hots Docs Cinema and underwent a swank renovation. Now, the theatre is one of the very few in Toronto that can serve alcohol. Gone are the days of  knocking back a quick one at Scotiabank Theatre before seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The approval of the Bloor’s liquor license – announced late last week in a newsletter  –  means you can get your buzz on while catching some higher-minded documentary fare.

Movie theatres typically shy away from applying for a liquor license because of the adult only designation that is required, but the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema’s mostly documentary fare pretty much assumes it’s an adults only scene anyway. And for those Torontonians that were left scratching their heads over the doc heavy fare – now you get it.

Details are thin at the moment, but we’ve been assured beer and wine will be served. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Original artwork by Bennett O’Brian.