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In the future, time travel has been invented and it was immediately outlawed. Now used only by the mob, there are people in the past called Loopers that they use to dispose of bodies, since that is a near impossible task in their own time. We follow Joe, a Looper, as he comes closer to “˜closing his loop’ as the mob sends back his older self to die. But when older Joe gets away, things start to go south fast. Now Joe must run from his employers while trying to kill his older self before things get even messier.

True science fiction uses fantastical ideas as a backdrop to everyday circumstances in order to bring into sharp relief that the ordinary is actually extraordinary. In the case of Looper , this is rendered in the effect that time has on a person. When life turns this way instead of that, what could be the outcome? If you made this choice instead of that, would it change things completely, or do you have an uncontrollable destiny?

It is important to note that the devices used here are so far from the clichéd time travel paradoxes as to be almost unrecognizable as the same genre. Director Rian Johnson, the man responsible for Brick, has crafted a world so real and immersive you’ll want to see this film again immediately.

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt are both stellar actors and do an excellent job of being on opposite sides of the same coin ““ but that’s to be expected. It seems as though Hollywood has figured out that Gordon Levitt is a leading man ““ and not just for rom-coms. While Bruce Willis plays a pivotal role, the film is really Gordon-Levitt’s. His performance is nuanced and intelligent, but because of the makeup to bring him more in line with Willis’ look, it’s easy to forget that this person is a star and just get lost in the performance.

More surprising is the supporting cast that includes Jeff Daniels, Garret Dillahunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo and Emily Blunt. Their roles vary from bit parts to essential to the story, but Johnson hasn’t scrimped on the casting, instead preferring to cast solid character actors in every single role.

Is Looper opening weekend worthy?

Looper is not only opening weekend worthy, it’s skip-the-afternoon-and-go-to-an-early-screening worthy. This is not only an incredible specimen of true sci-fi, but also a great story with powerful characters and something to say. It’s one of the best movies of the year. Get out to it immediately.