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In order to save the music program at school, biology teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) decides to become a mixed martial arts fighter to raise money in Here Comes The Boom . Directed by Frank Coraci, Here Comes The Boom opens Friday, October 12, 2012.

The trailer probably had people groaning about the fact that this is a Kevin James movie, and it’s not hard to see exactly where this film is going, but thanks to hilarious performances from almost everyone involved, Here Comes The Boom is very entertaining. It’s the bit players that make this film so much fun. From Henry Winkler as the slightly clueless music teacher to Bas Rutten as personal trainer Niko, everybody seems to be having so much fun that it’s impossible not to get swept up in it.

The most surprising aspect of the film is Kevin James. While this character isn’t far off from what he would typically play, he’s much more subdued and a lot less obnoxious than usual. If anything, he’s the straight man to the manic energy of the rest of the cast. Of course, the story is terribly predictable and is full of convenient moments that will leave audiences rolling their eyes, but it won’t ruin the fun. Quite often, comedies tend to start out funny and slow down towards the middle of the film. Here Comes The Boom continuously becomes funnier as it goes along. The laughs come from some unexpected places, and most of them are centered on Bas Rutten who steals every scene he’s in.

The pointless romance, with Salma Hayek as Bella Flores, doesn’t add anything to the film. This is also predictable, but it doesn’t take the film into romantic comedy territory, which is a good thing. Hayek also takes part in one of the strangest scenes in the film, and while it leads to a great punchline, it’s almost uncomfortable to watch it unfold. Despite the predictable nature of the plot, and the extreme amount of eye rolling moments, Here Comes The Boom does exactly what it should. It’s entertaining to watch, and very funny.

Is Here Comes The Boom Opening Weekend Worthy?

While the film is entertaining, there’s really no need to rush out and see it right away. It’s a great date night movie that should be enjoyable for both men and women, and if you’re trying to avoid the horror films that are being released right now, this would be a good substitute.

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