On their wedding day, Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martín) must deal with a virus outbreak that turns most of their guests into bloodthirsty zombies. Separated when the madness begins, the newlyweds must find a way to survive while searching for each other. Directed by  Paco Plaza, [REC] 3 Genesis screens as part of the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

The [REC] series started on a high note, becoming one of the best zombie films around. While the second film didn’t quite meet the expectations of fans, it was still a great entry. With the third film, almost everything has changed. The handheld look of the previous films is gone after the opening scenes, changing to a more traditional look. This should delight fans that find the idea of shaky cam movies nauseating. They’ve also moved away from the very serious and dark tone of the previous movies, replacing it with a much more funny and light atmosphere.

There’s plenty of humour, and even more moments of great gore, something that festival fans are sure to enjoy.  The zombies look incredible, and there are quite a few outrageous death scenes. There’s also no shortage of blood, and the very bright sets make sure that viewers see every little bit of it. It’s a completely new take on the series, but it still sticks to some of the bigger ideas from the previous films.

Is [REC] 3 Genesis Essential TADFF Viewing?

Absolutely. This film may be incredible at home, but sitting in the theatre with hundreds of other fans will make it even better. The great zombie kills are sure to make audiences erupt with applause and laughter. There just isn’t a better place to watch this film than at Toronto After Dark.

[REC] 3 Genesis Screening Times

  • Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 6:45 pm at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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