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Screening at the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Lloyd The Conqueror is the story of three community college slackers. Lloyd (Evan Williams), Patrick (Jesse Reid), and Oswald (Scott Patey) have managed to completely fail their report on Beowulf . This threatens their financial aid because they can’t maintain a C average. Faced with no other option, they go to their teacher Derek (Mike Smith) to ask for another chance. Derek has his own problems though. He’s the reigning champion of a larping league, but his reign of terror has frightened off any newcomers. The league decides to cancel the championship match unless more teams register. Derek sees his opportunity to continue his winning streak by forcing Lloyd and his friends to join the league. What he doesn’t expect is that the friends will embrace their new roles and receive help from Andy (Brian Posehn), a retired level 80 wizard who holds the record for most championship wins in the league.

Although this film gets off to a slow start, after about 20 minutes you’ll be laughing until your sides hurt. The ending has some of the most insanely funny moments of any comedy, and you’ll be sucked into the world of larping as you cheer Lloyd and his team on. A smaller role from Brian Posehn and an absolutely hilarious cameo from Harland Williams  become the highlights of the film. Mike Smith, Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys , plays the lead villain Derek perfectly. A complete pompous fool, Derek sits in his office as though it were the grand chamber of his immense castle, becoming the kind of bad guy that you can’t wait to see defeated.

Although larping may be considered by many to be an incredibly nerdy pastime, director Michael Peterson  builds it into an epic battle, worthy of the best Hollywood period pieces. By the end, you’ll want to start your own league in the local park.

Is Lloyd The Conqueror Essential TADFF Viewing?

The weekends for Toronto After Dark can be challenging. When there’s four movies on the schedule, there are some that you may want to skip. With Brian Posehn and Mike Smith being in attendance though, I would recommend showing up for this one. Not only is the movie funny, but there’s sure to be some lively discussion afterwards.

Lloyd The Conqueror Screening Times

  • Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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