Film student Alex Wright (Richard Harmon) becomes convinced that the film Grave Encounters is real. Trying to find the people  featured in  the movie turns up nothing except missing persons reports, and nobody seems willing to talk about it. Alex and three of his friends decide to head to the old Canadian asylum where Grave Encounters was filmed, in the hopes that they can prove everything really happened. Directed by John Poliquin, Grave Encounters 2 has its Canadian premiere at the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

The found footage genre is something that many people try to avoid. The idea that these films are supposed to be real seems a bit ridiculous, and that’s the basis for John Poliquin’s new film Grave Encounters 2 . What if the first film had been real? That’s exactly what Alex wants to find out and the result is a huge step up from the first film. This is much more frightening, features a great concept, and most of the acting is better. This one is sure to make the person next to you grab your arm in terror.

The only problem with the film is one character who turns out to be extremely annoying. They’re way over the top, and it constantly takes you out of the film. They settle down towards the end, and manage to deliver a great performance. You just have to get through that to really enjoy this one.

Is Grave Encounters 2 Essential TADFF Viewing?

Absolutely. This may be one of the scariest films to ever screen at the festival. The experience is only heightened by an audience full of fans screaming in terror. Make sure to bring your friend who gets scared easily, just to get a good laugh when they jump out of their seat.

Grave Encounters 2 Screening Times

  • Monday, October 22, 2012 at 6:45 pm at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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