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Screening at the 2012 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, The Fruit Hunters is the latest documentary from Yung Chang. Mainly focusing on average people and their intense love for exotic fruit, the documentary also explores the problems with monoculture farming, and the sense of community found by people who share their love of fruit with each other.

To call this just a documentary seems wrong. This is the fruit equivalent of Jiro Dreams of Sushi . The people featured in the film, including Bill Pullman, don’t enjoy fruit. They have a passionate love affair with it. The fruit is beautifully photographed, creating a rather sensual atmosphere. It’s quite possible that your love for fruit will be heightened after this film. The Fruit Hunters isn’t just about food, it’s about passion, life, and the connection between nature and man.

Is The Fruit Hunters Essential Reel Asian Viewing?

Absolutely. If you have a passion for food, this will only increase that. The Fruit Hunters is an incredibly gorgeous film, as well as being entertaining and informative. You’ll never think of fruit the same way. They’ll also be serving some of the fruit featured in the film after the screening, many of which may not be easily available here.

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