As the start of my winter break draws nearer and I have more free time to spend money on foolishness, I realized “yeah, I have to fulfill my writing commitment this week.” On this site so far, Trista (our creator, editor-in-chief, ubermensch) gave us a wonderful update on not only the TFS’ progress as an online publication, but also her own development as a young adult – though every email she sends attests to the last part. Managing Editor Kristal gave a retrospective on some of our colleague’s film history cover stories. 2012 is on its death bed, and for many of us at the TFS it seems to have lived a damn good life. We also had someone call Kristal sexist-against-the-dudes over the comment feed when she pointed out that Savages portrays women as either helpless barbies to be saved by Kick-Ass and Football-Guy or as sexy psychotic b-words and I can’t really go on further in case this dude happens to be one of my three readers.

I have a hard time picking out a best moment of 2012. While there was, as with every year, heartbreak and some struggle – and a recently dislocated shoulder. Hardest of all, as I wrote about on my first post under this blog, I lost a friend. After submitting the piece, I had a very difficult time getting through thanksgiving dinner, though having a pretty kick ass pairing in my Dad and step-mom (and also step-sister, older brother, et al) certainly helped. And the following week saw an influx of friends sharing not only the article, but their own experiences with Paul. It pointed out the strength of the community I had forgotten I was still apart of, and I was further reminded of this at the celebration of Paul’s life I had attended not long after.

2012 saw me move from the beaches to the downtown-core in probably the luckiest apartment find I’ve ever accomplished. My room is fucking huge and EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. Even onsite laundry. Not only that, I’ve managed to find some of my closest friends in my roommates, who share barbitur…. Beer! We share beer, officer.

Other Things:

  • I started a new band and began playing shows, writing songs with the actual potential to not suck
  • I was able to attend some fantastic concerts, such as Grizzly Bear, Sigur Ros, and David Byrne & St. Vincent
  • I not only attended TIFF for the first time, but also as a “member” of the associated press
  • I learned that people loves themselves some Joss Whedon, even if he’s just filming rich white people talking about how great it is to be married
  • I’ve started scoring a few short films
  • As mentioned, I started a rather onanistic blog on a film website

I’m feeling a little optimistic right now, and I think that’s because 2012 has really been a year that’s shown me how incredibly not alone I am. Knowing that has helped a lot in some of very rough times, and it makes me look forward to what I can accomplish next year.

This is kind of an all over the place piece, kind of par for the course I guess, but I’d like to end on a little side note that’ll give context to the featured image. This Friday, I’m taking my Dad to see The Hobbit . This is pretty huge for both of us. Not only are we both total dorks, but he used to read the Tolkien books to my brother and myself when we were kids. Those nights were some of my earliest and fondest memories. I’m pretty fortunate.