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Dark Skies   is about a middle class family, who are struggling financially and emotionally, as they start to notice strange events happening in their home on a nightly basis. As they come to terms with the truth, they begin to unite as a family to fight against the unwelcome visitors.

There’s nothing new or unexpected about   Dark Skies,   which is actually refreshing. As of late, there have been so many horror films trying to branch genres together, or just reinvent them entirely. Instead of attempting cleverness,   Dark Skies   simply sticks to being scary, and sticks to it well. These aren’t cheap scares either. Most of the scares in this film are of the slow and creeping kind — scares that will follow you home after the lights have been turned off. For the most part,   Dark Skies  ascribes to the less is more philosophy, which often leaves more of a lasting impression than special effects.

Playing a married couple, Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton are convincing in their relationships with each other and their two sons. This is a family I found myself rooting for, which makes   Dark Skies  that much more involving. They are your neighbours, your friends, or even your own family. There is also an awesome cameo by J.K. Simmons, who plays an alien expert. His character borderlines on camp appeal, but I say that lovingly.

Despite a few weak points in the script,   Dark Skies  never becomes too sentimental or preachy about its message of family unity. If scares are what you’re after, this is a film that delivers through its skillful camerawork and atmospheric chills.

Is   Dark Skies   Opening Weekend Worthy?  

If you’re a fan of creepy alien films like   Signs,  then yes. These types of movies work best when you see them in a full theatre with an eager audience on a Friday or Saturday night at the movies. Any fan of   The X-Files  will  be pleased with this flick.

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