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For those planning to see the documentary  Ballroom Dancer , out now, I imagine you’re going to come away from it feeling a little jealous you can’t quite groove like the professionals. But no worries, we’re here to help: here’s our cinematic masterclass on some fail safe moves to pull on the dancefloor. We can’t guarantee everyone will think you’re cool doing them, even less that people will want to make out with you, but you’ll at least have a blast in the meantime.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that we didn’t include any proper musical dance scenes of the likes of Gene Kelly or even Patrick Swayze, because any attempt to pull those off will definitely end in pulled muscles and tears. What we’re looking for are dance moves any amateur can attempt at the local discotheque. And on that note…

1. The Twist from  Pulp Fiction

This is the number one go-to move for anyone who wants to gain instant cool points on the dance floor. Being such an instantly recognisable movie dance move, doing the Pulp Fiction twist is like sendng out a beacon of, “Hey, I like Tarantino, so I must be pretty OK, right?”.

2. The Slide from  Risky Business

When cotton socks and polished hardwood floors come together, magic happens.

3. The Boho Dance from  Funny Face

This is a pretty accurate example of both how I dance and also why no one will go clubbing with me anymore.

4. The Awkward Shuffle from  The Life Aquatic

The dance for people who don’t dance.

5. The Footloose from  Footloose

Word of warning here: you have to be really careful doing this in any crowded spaces; you’re always one false move away from kicking someone in the crotch.

6. The Pee-Wee Dance from  Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

The effectiveness of this dance really lies in the amount of height you can get from platform shoes, standing on a table, or both. I mean, you want everyone to clearly see your deft hand-moves, right?

7. The Disco Dance from  Napoleon Dynamite

Yeah, you thought we were going to post something like Saturday Night Fever , didn’t you? No, this is what you look like when you disco dance, trust us.

8. The Non-Chalant from  Bande à Part

This dance is like a walking (or should I say dancing) contradiction. Detailed in choreography, yet executed as casually as one puts socks on (unless you’ve got some fancy sock-donning ritual we don’t know about). It’s a difficult one to master, but it’s worth it. If you can pull this off everyone will stop and stare in awe; someone might even dramatically drop a glass of water…

9. The BFF Dance from  Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

The truest expression of friendship. Warning: do not attempt this without a friend. Cannot repeat this enough.

10. The Court Room Jazz Hands from  Dancer in the Dark

Not really a move for the club, but if you ever get convicted of a crime, I’m pretty sure this would get you off with temporary insanity.

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