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Skull World is a documentary chronicling two years in the life of Greg Sommer, also known as Skull Man. He’s the off the wall mastermind behind the Canadian division of Box Wars, an event that has people create costumes and weapons out of cardboard so they can meet on the battlefield. When your costume is destroyed, your out. Greg initially seems to be a little crazy, but as viewers follow his life, you start to realize what a kind and considerate man he can be. It just so happens that he likes to dress in cardboard outfits and fight in giant battles.

The first few moments of Skull World may cause you to think that Greg Sommer is insane. A cross between a wrestling star and an ’80s heavy metal fan, he frequently spends his time wearing his Skull Man mask. This persona is what brought him into the world of Box Wars, and it’s something that he’s been pushing to make more popular. Think of it as the heavy metal version of live action role playing. Members build elaborate cardboard armour and battle until their armour is destroyed.

That’s only part of the film though. It’s certainly interesting to watch Box Wars, but it’s Greg Sommer’s life that slowly becomes the focus. He’s extremely ambitious, kind, and very open minded. Traits that can be rare to see in people now, and it’s the way he pushes for Box Wars to become more well known that shows audiences what a fantastic person he is.

Is Skull World Essential CFF Viewing?

This is one to check out. You couldn’t create a character like Greg Sommer, and Box Wars is something you have to see to believe.

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