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Nina (Lola Dewaere) handles the books for the bathing suit company she founded with her husband Gaspard (GrĂ©gory Fitoussi). Having your husband around skinny models all day is hard enough, but when Gaspard wants to send Nina off to Brides-les-Bains, a weight loss spa, Nina’s self esteem plummets. She’s determined to lose some weight for her husband, but after meeting Sophie (Victoria Abril) and Emilie (Catherine Hosmalin) at the spa, Nina starts to realize that it’s not her weight she has to change.

From start to finish, Big Is Beautiful is a hilarious and touching film. Lola Dewaere, Victoria Abril, and Catherine Hosmalin are instantly loveable, and you’ll find yourself cheering them on as they attempt to drastically change their lives. The only setback for the entire film is the fact that the story is entirely predictable. Even though you may see the final outcome well before it arrives, the journey there is still incredibly entertaining.

It’s also great to see an entire group of female characters that are strong and self reliant. They do what they want without anybody attempting to label them, and each character avoids the stereotypes that could easily be associated with them. It also helps that the film doesn’t hammer the ‘accept yourself for who you are’ angle into the ground. It plays a part, but it’s more about becoming what you want to be, not accepting what you already are.

Is Big Is Beautiful Essential Cinefraco Viewing?

Absolutely. Hilarious, and very touching, this is the kind of ensemble comedy that can please everybody.

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