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Dakaria and Silvania Tepes are not like other kids. In fact, they’re not like other humans. Born of a human mother and a vampire father, they’e half daywalker and half creature of the night. This wasn’t such a problem when they were living in Transylvania, but now that they’ve moved to their Mother’s home town in Germany, living their lives as half-and-half is getting a bit tricky to handle.

Silvania longs to be able to hang out at the pool and sunbathe with the cute boy she meets on the first day of school, and Dakaria wishes she could sleep all day like their Dad and fly all night, training for the upcoming Vampire Flying Competition. When they stumble across a magician who claims he can give them their heart’s desire, they each wish to alter their gentic makeup – Silvania wishes to be 100% human and Dakaria wishes to be 100% vampire.

Vampire Sisters was a huge box office hit in Germany and it’s easy to see why. It’s a fluffy, feel-good coming-of-age story that doesn’t delve too deeply or seriously into its central theme – the idea that sometimes the thing that makes you different is in fact your greatest strength. This makes it perfect for its pre-teen demographic but anyone older may find its cartooniness kind of tiresome after a while even despite the nods to classic vampire lore peppered throughout as a clear bid to keep the adults in the audience invested.

Is Vampire Sisters Essential TIFF Kids Viewing?

It’s not essential but it is cute enough to consider if you’ve got a hole to fill in your festival schedule.

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