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The very idea of hunting Bigfoot brings up images of groups of bored kids tromping through the forest during their summer vacation. It’s certainly not a pastime for an adult…or so one would think. As it turns out, there are scores of amateur cryptozoologists determined to find proof of the existence of sasquatch.

Director Morgan Matthews very courageously joins forces with four such characters and heads out to the wilderness with nothing but a camera, some firearms, peanut butter and a can of tinned mackeral to try and figure out just what the draw of this illusive beast is to these men who have devoted their lives to the search.

There’s old friends Dallas and Wayne, small town guys who claim to have had sasquatch throw rocks at them after they bust out some of their patented Bigfoot calls, and old hand Tom Biscardi, an abrasive 37 year veteran of the hunt, and finally, Rick Dyer, a con man of the highest order who’s already got one failed sasquatch hoax under his belt – Matthews heads out with each of them as they follow their own leads to what they’re sure will finally bag them their ultimate dream: incontrovertible proof of the hairy creature.

This is a hoot of a documentary. Each of the Bigfoot hunters (as well as their various team members and fellow believers) that Matthews has tracked down are genuine characters who are so passionate about their quest that it’s warped their minds to varying degrees of hilarity and downright scariness. Dallas and Wayne, the most endearing and least harmless of the bunch seem to have a pure childlike love for the idea that saquatch represents–hope and the belief that there’s something still fantastic left to be discovered in the world–while the largely unpleasant Biscardi and Dyer are in it for the potential fame and fortune. Matthews gently picks apart each of their various motivations and strategies while also attempting to document proof of either a hoax or the real thing. The result is like watching Blair Witch Project as imagined by Christopher Guest.

Is Shooting Bigfoot Essential Hot Docs Viewing?

A huge yes on this one. This is sure to be a big crowd pleaser and is the perfect type of film to watch with an appreciative audience. This will also surely yield a Q&A to remember.

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