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In 1947, a teenage Chris Strachwitz fled from Germany to America where he found a place in music history. As the founder of Arhoolie Records, Chris traveled America in search of the kind of music you couldn’t find at the top of the charts. Not content to set an artist up in the studio, Chris preferred to record musicians in their environment. Back porches, small bars, house parties, and right on the street, Strachwitz found the soul of styles like jazz, blues, and norteƱo. If it spoke to his heart, Chris would record it and share it with the world. This Ain’t No Mouse Music! tells the life story of Strachwitz and his contribution to the world of music.

Mouse music is a term referring to any music without heart or soul, packaged sound that companies churn out to make a quick buck. In simple terms, mouse music is anything that Chris Strachwitz doesn’t like, and he’s a man who has an ear for talent. Every name Strachwitz mentions in the film is an artist that will speak to music fans. Chris has an amazing ability to find the true artists that can create a song that will touch your soul, and the film is full of outstanding musical numbers.

Strachwitz may be the focus of the film, but it’s the music that takes over. From the first moments of the movie, audiences will be exposed to some of the most amazing music around, and Chris Strachwitz had a hand in sharing much of it with the world. You’ll be overcome with Chris’ passion for music, and you’ll leave the theatre with your musical horizon expanded.

Is This Ain’t No Mouse Music! Essential Hot Docs Viewing?

This is one of the best films from the festival, so you can’t miss out. Not only is Chris’ passion for life, music, and discovery infectious, but the consistently stunning music will fill your mind for days after.

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