If you’re a stranger to Peaches, the Canadian musician who blends synth, punk rock, pop, and hip hop, then Peaches Does Herself would be the crash course in learning her story. The film is a performance art musical that shows Peaches performing twenty of her songs from throughout her career, all packed into a loose narrative. That narrative features Peaches as a young girl coming up with some beats in her bedroom when a 65-year-old stripper appears and inspires her to build a more sexually expressive form of music. Peaches character becomes a transsexual, falls in love with a she-male, and gets her heart broken. It’s easy to see how this won’t appeal to everybody.

The performance aspect of the film is a sharp contrast to the talented vocal work of Peaches. If there’s one thing she can do, it’s sing, and she does it wonderfully. It’s the actual lyrics that will instantly turn some audience members off. Incredibly sexually explicit and vulgar, it becomes difficult to accept her talent when her lyrics seem so juvenile. The film probably won’t make Peaches many new fans, but anybody familiar with her work will certainly enjoy the performance.

The music, performances, and set design are all done remarkably well, so if you can get over the content of Peaches’ songs, there is some incredible talent on display. A few moments suffer when Sandy ‘The Naked Cowgirl’ Kane comes out on stage though. She’s the 65-year-old stripper, and she appears to perform a few songs so the stage can be reset and costume changes can happen. This part of the performance is more shocking than talented, and dramatically halts the flow of the performance.

As the film nears the conclusion, things become even more over the top. The she-male that Peaches character falls in love with is Dannii Daniels, who spends much of the film either topless, or completely nude. Sandy Kane makes another appearance and performs a topless act with matchsticks that will make everybody in the audience squirm. It begins to feel that Peaches is just trying to push every button that may make viewers uncomfortable, strictly for shock value. This seems to be an ongoing theme for Peaches, who has faced censorship problems before. There’s no reason why Peaches should have to stop what she’s doing, but that doesn’t mean we all have to enjoy it.

Is Peaches Does Herself Opening Weekend Worthy?

Fans of Peaches will enjoy themselves, since this is what they’re probably expecting from the musician. Anybody else may want to watch the trailer first, just to get a taste of what is in store for them, because this is not going to be for everybody.

Peaches Does Herself opens Friday, June 7, 2013 at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. Check their website for screening information.

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