Stage productions have been adapted from everything from books to folklore and even non-musical movies over the years. There have been screen to stage musical adaptations of Billy Elliot , Catch Me If You Can , Legally Blonde , Grey Gardens and even the amazing Toronto production of Evil Dead: The Musical.  Most famously there has been The Phantom of the Opera ,   My Fair Lady (adapted from the stage play and movie Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw), Little Shop of Horrors , Sunset Boulevard , Sweet Charity (based off Nights of Cabiria ), Carrie , The Wedding Singer and Gigi . Even though it wasn’t a musical, there was a production of Aliens on ice a few years ago down in Austin, TX. And believe it or not, a Back to the Future musical is in the works with Robert Zemeckis on board as producer. I wonder if it will feature a real Delorian on stage…

Here at The TFS we think these films would make a great musical for the stage:

A League of Their Own

The coach could dance and sing his frustrations out on the mound.

The coach could dance and sing his frustrations out on the mound.

If you watched the TV show Smash , you’ve seen some pretty fantastic musical numbers about baseball. Now picture something like that performed live with a team of female baseball players singing and dancing their way across the stage while driving home the importance of a pre-WWII all-American professional women’s baseball team. Lots of numbers with short baseball skirts and baseball bats – the fun that could be had!


Hocus Pocus

Creepy fun for all ages!

Creepy fun for all ages!

Because not only does everyone already love this movie, but it already has two super creepy musical numbers in it. Yes, Wicked has set the bar pretty high for musicals about witches, but that isn’t based on a movie featuring three hilarious women. Just imagine those flowing witches gowns flying above the audiences heads and they cast their spells and fly through prop graveyards. It can be frightful family enjoyment!


The Exorcist

"The Power of Christ Compells You!" could be a great musical number.

“The Power of Christ Compells You!” could be a great musical number.

Ok now hear me out on this one. It would be something in the vein of Miss Saigon , Kiss of The Spider Woman or Sunset Boulevard : serious stuff. But also think Evil Dead: The Musical for its catchy songs and fun times. Add a little green vomit projecting over the audience in a “splatter” zone and you’ve got an added effect. It wouldn’t be for everyone, but it could definitely be a lot of fun for adults. And just in case this one didn’t work out, Rosemary’s Baby is a great runner-up for the horror-musical hybrid.


Mean Girls / Easy A

"A Is the Loneliest Letter" could be a hit in an Easy A musical.

“A Is the Loneliest Letter” could be a hit in an Easy A musical.

It’s hard to decide which of these two would make a better musical because essentially the story is the same for both: a high school girl intentionally ruins her own reputation and then has to work hard to patch things up.

Imagine The Plastics singing about their sucky nail beds, terrible hairlines and man shoulders.

Imagine The Plastics singing about their sucky nail beds, terrible hairlines and man shoulders.

However despite their similarities (they have many differences too) they are two of the funniest movies of the past 10 years and both have amazing one liners. Imagine to yourself a big number for Mean Girls that takes place in a high school cafeteria and all the cliques are there; Cool Asians, Unfriendly Black Hotties and of course The Plastics. Genius.


Mommie Dearest

As if "No Wire Hangers" wouldn't be the perfect song.

As if “No Wire Hangers” wouldn’t be the perfect song.

Ok, all around the world drag queens have already been performing this Rocky Horror -style for years, just give it a youtube search and you’ll see for yourself. Not only has this film been championed by John Waters himself (he provides an audio commentary on an anniversary edition) but the story is just please over the top outrageous. Of course, a drag queen would have to play the role of Joan Crawford, and perhaps Kristin Chenoweth could take on the role of an adult Christina Crawford.