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Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is an overachieving FBI Agent who takes great pleasure in rubbing her co-workers’ noses in the fact that they can never quite measure up to her skills of detection. When a shot at a promotion becomes available, Sarah asks to be sent to Boston to head up the investigation into some drug-related murders as a way to show her boss that she’s capable of working with local law enforcement and being a team player. Once in Boston, she quickly runs afoul of a tough, potty-mouthed police officer named Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) who’s particularly possessive of a perp she’s picked up who may just be a lead into Sarah’s case.

After “no rules apply to me” Shannon realizes that “by the book” Sarah may actually be an ideal way for her to get in on an investigation that she would otherwise be shut out of and Sarah sees that Shannon, who lives in the neighbourhood where the crimes are taking place, may have some helpful connections on the street, the two form an uneasy partnership and set out to bring down an increasingly dangerous local drug kingpin.

My first thought after seeing The Heat was “oh wow – I hope they turn this into a Lethal Weapon -style series” – it’s just that good. This is an ideal venue for the particular talents of Bullock and McCarthy, each equally charming and filled to the brim with perfect comedic timing. They have great chemistry, play well off one another (each takes a turn playing the straight man to the other’s stooge) and darn it, it’s just refreshing to see women in a traditional buddy cop movie setting. None of this should be surprising considering Director Paul Feig has shown himself more than capable of helming female-driven entertainment that doesn’t pander to its target demographic, and screenwriter Katie Dippold has a day job writing for TV’s excellently smart  Parks & Recreation …yet, it’s still such a treat that I’d love to send everyone involved a “thank you card”.

Is The Heat Opening Weekend Worthy?

Only if you want to spend 2 hours laughing until you cry or if, like me, Bullock and McCarthy are your pretend BFF’s and you want to support seeing them team up on the big screen again and again and again.

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