Duncan (Ken Marino) leads a pretty normal life. He’s trying to start a family with his beautiful wife and he’s working hard at his office job, but he’s been suffering from a bit of stress. When he starts having severe stomach pains, Duncan decides to get things checked out, but the only advice he’s given is to try and relax. As stress mounts all around him, the stomach pains increase, until a bloodthirsty creature crawls out of his butt. The monster begins killing anybody who stresses Duncan out, and he must try to find a way to control the creature before it attacks his wife.

Fans of creature features will find plenty to enjoy in Bad Milo. Instantly reminding viewers of films like The Brood (inspiration for director Jacob Vaughan) or classics like Gremlins, you’re not going to have much more fun with a movie involving an ass monster. Sure, the idea of a monster that comes out of a man’s rear end may seem juvenile, but Vaughan does a fantastic job of creating characters that we want to see succeed, even if it means destroying a slimy butt monster. Even more outstanding is the fact that Vaughan has come up with a creature that is both menacing and a little cute at the same time.

Ken Marino leads a fantastic cast, but it’s the smaller characters that steal the show. With Peter Stormare as a helpful but slightly eccentric psychologist, and Stephen Root as Duncan’s hippie father, it’s the bit players in the film that add the laughs.

Is Bad Milo essential TAD Spotlight viewing?

You’d have to be suffering from your own stomach problems to miss out on this one. Very funny, and full of wonderful creature puppetry, this one will leave audiences doubled over in laughter, which is better than stomach pain.

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