Two private investigators searching for a missing student break into his apartment. It appears abandoned, with piles of old VHS tapes lying around. As the investigators dig through the articles left in the apartment, one of them begins watching some of the tapes. It seems that watching the tapes has an effect on a person’s mind, and as the investigators view more of them, they start to wonder if they’re a part of something more sinister.

The first V/H/S film wasn’t entirely successful. As with many anthology films, not all of the stories lived up to expectations, but V/H/S 2 looks to fix the mistakes of its predecessor. Segments include Slumber Party Alien Abduction, directed by Jason Eisener, Safe Haven, a bloody segment about a cult directed by Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto, and the best of the bunch, A Ride In The Park, about zombies who may still have a bit of a conscience directed by Gregg Hale and Eduardo Sánchez. Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard round out the directing duties with their segments, Tape 49, and Phase 1 Clinical Trials.

Again, not every segment is brilliant, but they’re consistently good, and that’s a huge improvement over the first film. There may be huge breaks in logic, and the handheld look will leave some viewers feeling dizzy, but this is sure to please horror fans, the exact audience for this screening.

Is V/H/S 2 essential TAD Spotlight viewing?

Absolutely. A huge improvement over the first film, the amount of jump scares, gore, and insane ideas is perfect for the festival crowd that Toronto After Dark is known for.

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