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It’s all about the visuals in Short Cuts Canada Programme 1. Featuring six shorts, including one from Academy Award winner Chris Landreth, Programme 1 features some of the most visually stunning shorts around. With animation set to classical music, a pair of space monkeys, transporting tourists, and a man desperate to not be forgotten, short film fans won’t be disappointed with what TIFF has to offer. Highlights include Cochemare, Subconscious Password, and Remember Me.

Subconscious Password – 11 minutes

Everybody has forgotten a name before, but have you ever wondered just what is going on in your head while you try to figure it out. Director Chris Landreth obviously has, and he gives viewers an inside look at the mind of Charles, a man who bumps into an old acquaintance, but can’t remember his name. 3D animation plays out in Charles’ head, while he plays a classic game of Password to try and remember his friend’s name. The animation is amazing, and the ideas are crazy, just the kind of thing that goes on when you just can’t remember.

Remember Me – 15 minutes

From director Jean-Francois Asselin comes this outrageous tale of Mathieu, a man who begins to fade away if someone isn’t thinking about him. In order to make sure he’s on someone’s mind every minute of the day, Mathieu becomes obnoxious, rude, aggressive, and even resorts to cheating on his girlfriend. Resorting to social media, Mathieu does everything he can to be remembered, with the occasionally bloody outcome.

Cochemare – 12 minutes

Directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski, this is one of the most visually stunning short films this reviewer has ever seen. Ultimately, the story gets lost in the visuals, with strange monkey creatures exchanging fluids with a woman, but the mix of live action, 3D, and animation is something that must be seen.

The program is rounded out with the shorts Gloria Victoria, Theodore Ushev’s animated short set to classical music, The Sparkling River, the story of a farmer and female tourist, with a science fiction twist, and Pilgrims, a film about a German traveler experiencing First Nations culture.

Is Short Cuts Canada Programme 1 Essential TIFF Viewing?

Absolutely. With a few hilarious shorts, and a number of visually outstanding offerings, this is a group of short films that everybody should experience.

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