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Undercover police officer Chili (S’dumo Mtshali), and his partner Shoes (Presley Chweneyagae), have been working on a case together, in order to get a reward. After they finally make an arrest, and get a conviction against the criminals, they find that their superior is refusing to release the reward to them, unless they lose evidence in another case. Frustrated by the dangerous work they do, and the little compensation they receive, Chili decides to take part in a heist, and asks for Shoes help. Shoes reluctantly agrees, but the gang is suspicious of Chili, eventually capturing Shoes to use him as a hostage. Chili must now decide what’s more important, the money, or his friend’s life.

Written and directed by Donovan Marsh, the low budget indie film  iNumber Number looks and feels like a big budget blockbuster. It’s an incredibly tense, exceptionally shot, and perfectly acted heist film, and goes above and beyond anything Hollywood has been offering. With only a few feature films under his belt, Marsh shows his immense talent with this latest film, and it’s going to have the world looking a little harder at South African film.

Standout performances from S’dumo Mtshali and Presley Chweneyagae carry the film, while the remaining cast do a remarkable job, bringing a bit of humour to their eclectic group of gangsters. An opening action sequence sets the pace, and the film barely slows down. Once the heist begins, it’s a non-stop ride full of blistering tension, and explosive action, and you’ll be gripping the arms of your chair the entire time.

Is iNumber Number essential TIFF viewing?

A must see for action fans. All the tension, double crossing, gunfire, and explosions that a heist film should have. Throw in a little bit of humour, and some outstanding cinematography, and you’ve got a perfect action film.

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