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Prisoners is the story of two families coming together for Thanksgiving Day dinner only to have their two young daughters go missing. Jake Gyllenhaal stars Detective Loki, a cop who’s assigned the case, but when the first suspect Alex Jones (played by Paul Dano) gets released on bail due to insubstantial evidence, Keller Dover (played by Hugh Jackman) decides to take matters in his own hands to find his daughter.

To be honest, I figured out the plot twists halfway through the movie, but watching Jackman going through the motions as Dover, a man who takes the most desperate path to find his missing daughter, was worth it. Seeing him sink deeper and deeper into a craze abyss, hellbent on the fact that Alex abducted his daughter was jaw dropping. You know that Alex isn’t involved, but you want to believe he is to somewhat justify Dover’s questionable tactics. As for Gyllenhaal, his performance may not have had an emotional range like Jackman’s, but I think everyone in the theatre felt for him. A cop with a perfect record, saddled with the first case he may not be able to solve. And just when you think you have a break in the case, Jones goes missing and now you have three people to find. Talk about pressure.

Is Prisoners opening weekend worthy?

Definitely. I haven’t left a movie with a smile on my face in a long time. Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano have outstanding acting performances.

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