Red Obsession looks at the chateaux Bordeaux as they struggle with unprecedented demand for their product, as well as the changing economic conditions of making and selling their wines.

Red Obsession flips back and forth between the business of wine and the romance of it. The film begins by expounding on the virtues of Bordeaux wine, the region from which it comes, and love vintners bring to the process, ultimately arguing that wine is a moment in time that tells a distinct story, it also sheds light on the extremes to which the business has gone. Delving deep into the high priced wine market, the film looks at investors who buy wine on speculation for hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars, turning to China where the wine market has exploded.

The film does an excellent job of looking at the causes of the wine price increase at the vintner end (they charge that much because they can), as well as why investment wine has become such a huge phenomenon, especially in the East. Taking viewers behind the scenes of both sides of this equation, the film paints a full picture of the wine landscape – everything from recent “prefect” vintages to Chinese wine counterfeiting – with enough to interest wine aficionados as well as mildly interested laymen.

While the film starts its focus on Bordeaux, with solid arguments as to why it has narrowed its focus, as the film goes on the reason to be focusing only on one type of wine seems a little bit limiting, and the reason for the film’s focus is never entirely explained. It seems that wine investors will buy valuable wine no matter the kind, and ultimately this could have been a film about all wine, not just Bordeaux. Either way, however, it’s still a fairly fascinating documentary about a beverage found at many dinner tables nightly.

Is Red Obsession opening weekend worthy?

This film will tickle wine enthusiasts more than the average person, but if you’re looking for a good documentary this weekend, Red Obsession is a solid choice on an intriguing topic.

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