Writer Kelly Michael Stewart and director Navin Ramaswaran come together to tell the tale of Bill (Jeff Sinasac) and Diane (Lindsay Smith), a couple who find nothing left in common and their marriage on the rocks. To give their union one last chance, they embark on a road trip together in hopes of rekindling their feelings for each other. This starts out as a familiar enough story but where Stewart and Ramaswaran differ from the usual “relationship on the rocks” story is the extremes the couple is willing to go to prove their underlying hate for each other.

From the first frames of One More for the Road I was intrigued by the couple, they instantly have great on screen charisma and their personalities are immediately like oil and water. When Bill announces that he knows of an extramarital affair that Diane is having, things really start to spiral out of control. Within the short film’s brisk 18 minute runtime we are witness to a barrage of hate between two couples that is darkly funny, violent, and in a strange sort of way, a microcosm of how many people handle relationship issues, but on a much more extreme scale.

Ramaswaran’s direction is confidant and sure handed, the 7 years or so he has been making short films have really given him a distinct style and assurance. The performances by Jeff Sinasac (“Clutch – the Series”) and Lindsay Smith (In the House of Flies) are both stellar with the delicate balance between humor and madness handled deftly. I did think the film went off the rail with the final shot and it would have been immensely more satisfying had they cut to credits after the second last scene, but it wasn’t enough to warrant condemning the short film as a whole. One for the Road is a worthwhile trip.

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