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My Secret Identity: Youth Shorts Program screens as part of the 2013 imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, and features eight shorts focusing on the challenges of life, love, and growing up. Shorts included in the program are 01:25:30, My Story, Oú Tu Vas Toi? : Diane, Nuu, Last Smile, Juletrollet, A Better Place, and The Oysterman. Here are some of the program’s highlights:

01:25:30 – Marja Bål Nango

At just under two minutes, this short film comes and goes quite quickly. Made up of a static shot of a girl holding her breath, the visuals combine with a growing soundtrack that puts the viewer underwater. A quick camera trick at the end of the short relieves the tension built through the sounds, and offers a rather sweet ending.

Juletrollet – Marja Bål Nango

As Christmas approaches, a young girl is visiting her friend, decorating their large tree for the holiday. Her mother arrives, and viewers are shown the girls rather poor living conditions. Desperate to have a bigger Christmas tree, like her friend, the girl sets out to accomplish this goal. This is a rather sad short, but it shows the strength of friendship, as well as how what we witness on the surface, isn’t always the truth.

Nuu – Jaalen Edenshaw

Using stop motion animation, director Jaalen Edenshaw illustrates a story told by one of the West Coast Haida elders. The story is about a small village that relies on fish for food. When some fishermen go missing, two brave warriors set out to find what has become of them. The animation is very well done, and blends various artistic styles, creating a story that is carried over generations.

Is My Secret Identity: Youth Shorts Program essential imagineNATIVE viewing?

Absolutely. Talented young filmmakers create some visually stunning shorts, as well as some incredibly emotional moments. If you can get a ticket, you should definitely check this program out.

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