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Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) is not sure whether his clairvoyant abilities are a gift or a curse, but he tries to do his best by the souls who seek him out. The dead can’t speak, but they manage to communicate with him, often seeking justice for their wrongful death. In these instances Odd finds himself helping solve a crime before the police are even on the scene. A mysterious and disgusting man comes to town one day bringing along with him a whole bunch of creepy crawler-esque invisible demons. The demons signify death and destruction and Odd is the only person who can see them. Odd decides to investigate the strange man and discovers a filing cabinet stuffed with information on the world’s worst killers. The only other clue is a page torn from a calendar that reads August 15 — tomorrow.

Adapted from author, Dean Koontz’s series of supernatural thrillers, Odd Thomas is one of six books in the best-selling series. Sounds like the making of a franchise, except the first installment was plagued by a nasty financial dispute between two of the companies behind it.

Everybody’s favourite hard-boiled cop, Willem Dafoe (Inside Man, American Psycho) co-stars as Chief Wyatt Porter. He tries to keep Odd in line with the law, but death waits for no man and unsurprisingly Odd’s defiance of traditional police motivates the narrative.

Addison Timlin (Californication) also co-stars as Odd’s longtime love, Stormy Llewellyn. The banter between Stormy and Odd would be sweet enough to make you sick if it wasn’t so damn adorable. She and Yelchin have such chemistry that this film is a thriller that is also a genuine love story and really quite enjoyable to watch.

Is Odd Thomas essential Toronto After Dark viewing?

For those who like supernatural thrillers, Odd Thomas is interesting and entertaining. It boasts a charming supernatural plot-line and if you’re collecting, this Monday night screening boasts Double Scene Point’s Night so at the very least, you can rack those up.

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