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The Long Pig is an off the grid restaurant that serves, you guessed it, humans to very rich patrons. As if the eating of a human isn’t disgusting enough, patrons get to watch the people they’re eating attempt to fight in MMA matches, the loser of which is served as food and the winner lives to fight another day. When good girl Jenna’s father is kidnapped, the trail leads to the restaurant, where she and her martial arts student friends attempt to get everyone out alive.

Evil Feed is the lowest form of grotesquerie; the kind of film that has evolved out of what people think grindhouse is (thank you Planet Terror), which is really just an excuse for a ton of blood, violent action and disturbing plot points. If that’s your version is grindhouse, then Evil Feed is exactly the film for you.

Despite the type of grindhouse it is, the film is certainly very well made and executed. It has a level of believability that only Tarantino and Rodriguez typically garner in this genre. The film has legs and will definitely be a cult classic in the not too distant future, even in spite of its overlong runtime.

The action is good, but there could have been more of it. The filmmakers had great martial arts talent, but seemed more interested in gore than great action. It would also have been nice if there was a single female character who wasn’t either entirely helpless or naked most of the time.

Is Evil Feed essential Toronto After Dark viewing?

If you like the latest incarnation of grindhouse, then yes, this film is definitely for you. If you don’t, then you absolutely shouldn’t see this.

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