This week’s crowdfunding spotlight lands on an international collaboration, anti-poaching documentary Gambling on Extinction. Filming in Africa, Vietnam and China, director Jakob Kneser hopes to produce a film that exposes not only violations of animal rights but massive international crime with the illegal animal trade. The players at all levels of animal poaching include not only the poachers themselves but the gangs, politicians and investors who keep this terrible cycle careening towards the extinction of some of our most beloved and beautiful animals. The documentary focuses specifically on the illegal poaching of tigers, elephants and rhinos, and the products bought and sold for this devastation.

Gambling on Extinction

The Canadian-German film team, partnered with international NGOs  International Fund for Animal Welfare  (IFAW) and WildAid,  hope to improve public knowledge on the issues of poaching firstly by making this documentary, and secondly by making it widely accessible. Many television stations have already agreed to a one hour broadcast of part of the doc once it has reached completion. In order to get there, though, the team needs some help from people like you. People who are interested in getting the word out aren’t just avid animal rights activists. It is anyone who saw The Lion King and cried. Anyone who danced along through The Jungle Book. Anyone who dreams of safaris, who saw Elephants at the IMAX. Anyone who cares about these vulnerable, threatened beasts, or who wants to learn more to decide if they care or not.

To help earn some much needed funds, the crew has launched an Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise $100,000.00. There’s still a ways to go. As usual, the filmmaking team will match your donation with a really cool, unique thank you. Perks for your financial contribution include handmade crafts from a team member’s mother (this is not a joke, and it’s awesome), DVDs, signed books, endangered animal adoption, and more! For those holiday givers, this is a neat gift idea to give someone, a donation to a good cause in their name. Check out the campaign page for the full list of perks. Money donated goes to help the crew stay longer on location in Africa, Vietnam, and China, spend time with undercover specialists and activist groups, help with festival and distribution costs, and more.

You can also take a look at the campaign page for more information on the filmmakers themselves. The teams include Toronto-based Real to Reel alongside German a&o buero. With award-winning teams behind it, it’s a project bent for success. Obviously, the money is integral to the completion of this documentary. However, if you are unable to participate financially but want to help nonetheless, fear not! You can always share the documentary and the Indiegogo campaign page with friends, word of mouth, Facebook, and twitter are some pretty good options. They’ve even gone ahead and given you some pretty handy Twitter handles to start.

The more exposure, the more public knowledge and movement, the more our governments are pressured to make this a priority. If this is something you think you can stand behind, check out the Indiegogo campaign or the Gambling on Extinction webpage and get yourself informed.

Click here to contribute to the Gambling on Extinction campaign