There have been many documentaries about the filmmaking process, some about the processes of artists, musicians, etc. But with this new and fascinating documentary from director Tim Cawley, From Nothing, Something, we get a unique perspective on the creative process painted on a much broader canvas.

Featuring interviews with musicians Tegan & Sara, composer Jay Greenberg, Hollywood creature designer Neville Page, novelist Tom Perrotta, and many more including a comedian, cancer researchers, an architect, a choreographer, and a chef, From Nothing, Something takes all of these different variations of artistic expression and dissects their individual processes and approaches to life and finds common threads that tie them all together. It is quite extraordinary to hear each artist talking about not only their approaches to their crafts, but their outlooks on life, how their art and their career affect their relationships, and the many neuroses that drive them all.

On the surface it would seem that such different people with such varied jobs would have much in common but through the candid and intimate interviews with each subject the film really takes on the common theme of inspiration and drive through all of their eyes. The film is insightful, funny, touching, inspirational and utterly fascinating and ultimately reveals the art is what all of us do every day.

From Nothing, Something: A Documentary On The Creative Process, will be having its Toronto premiere at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on Monday, January 20 at 6:30pm. Check their website for details and showtimes.

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