While it may be a strange time of year for a Halloween film, writer/director Marc Roussel’s new short film, The Last Halloween, may be the cure for the horror fans drowning in the mountainous snow banks.

A group of trick or treater’s travels door to door through a mysterious neighbourhood, encountering strange inhabitants offering up bizarre treats. What none of them know is what tricks they may have in store in what may well be The Last Halloween.

I am a bit of a horror aficionado and I have to say in The Last Halloween’s short 10 minute runtime it manages to impress. The first thing that becomes staggeringly obvious is that Marc Roussel and his crew know what they are doing. The fast paced short is beautifully filmed and shot with the dark slick look of a much bigger budgeted production. The sets, costumes and lighting are all incredible looking. Had it been included in one of the more recent horror anthology film like the V/H/S series or The ABC’s of Death, it would have surely been the best short among them. While many of those films entries lack imagination and ingenuity, The Last Halloween would have overshadowed them all with both things in spades.

Dialogue is sparingly applied here and to great effect. The ideas behind the story are not spelled out for the viewer and you are left to come to your own conclusions in terms of when it is set, where it takes place, and what exactly is going on. There are many possible answers to these questions but the fun of the film is figuring that out and interpreting it for yourself. The characters are all intriguing and original and the story developments near the end of the film are not only creatively executed, but the stuff of childhood nightmares. The creature designs are innovative and lots of fun and must have been inspired by the classic fright flicks of the 1970s and ’80s. I was actually also reminded of both the classic Twilight Zone TV series and the underrated 1983 film version. With this kind of quality and style, I hope the makers of the next big anthology movie stumble upon The Last Halloween.

The Last Halloween will be attending various film festivals this year and will air on Bravo TV and web in October 2014.