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Since the fall of 2011, Elton John has been lighting up The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with his “The Million Dollar Piano” show. He’s not taking the show on the road, but you can see and experience the concert on the big screen in a limited release on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

Elton John – The Million Dollar Piano is John’s second residency show in Las Vegas. He is accompanied by an array of talented musicians, which include The Elton John Band’s original drummer and guitar player. The band also features two other percussionists, four back up vocalists, bassist, keyboardist, and two cellists. And we can’t forget the second star of the show, John’s Million Dollar Piano, a giant Yamaha grand piano outfitted with LED screens along the sides.

Over the years, John’s voice has changed and deepened. What makes him such a joy to watch even at 65 years old, is that he’s taken these changes in stride. Playing many of his most well known songs, and a few lesser known ones, he has tweaked the melodies to better suit his voice without loosing the integrity of those melodies that fans have come to know and love.

Director Chris Gero has crafted an interesting look at John’s elaborate stage show. As well as the typical camera angles and shots, he utilizes cameras mounted to different instruments. These shots give a behind-the-scenes feel that really keeps the excitement level up. As well, it highlights the other musicians working alongside John and just how intricate his music can be.

But don’t expect any behind-the-scenes footage from this film. Gero delivers a focused look at The Million Dollar Piano show that makes you feel like you’re getting a closer look at the band and show than the audience in The Colosseum.